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  • Jasmine Rice

    Authentic Long Grain Jasmine Rice - Thai Horn Mali

    Our Thai Horn Mali Jasmine Rice is grown in the fertile paddies of Thailand in certified pesticide free areas. The rice has the jasmine fragrance and pure white color of the jasmine flower. It has a tender texture when cooked and is the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

    Available in 2 lb, 10 lb, and 25 lb bags.


    Premium Long Grain Indian Basmati Rice

    Aromatic Long Grain Basmati Rice, grown in the lush paddies of the foot hi​lls of the Himalayas, give the finest rice to accompany any meal.

    Available in 2 lb, 10 lb, and 20 lb bags.

    Ready in Minutes

    All Natural

    No Preservatives



    Our quinoa is grown high in the Andes mountains. Quinoa is a healthier options for gluten free diets, and can help to make you feel fuller for longer. Quinoa has been proven to useful in reducing the risk for diabetes.

    Available in 1 lb, 2 lbs and 5 lbs packs.

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